Stop relying on old marketing playbooks and find the path to repeatable growth

You don't need to hire a CMO or VP of Marketing yet, just access to one. Get "in the trenches" experience needed to efficiently scale your tech startup


Feeling stuck?

I've been there.Your startup is ready to grow, but it isn't growing at the pace you'd want it to.Your acquisition costs are rising, and you're struggling to improve retention.You and your team have grinded your way up to this point.You've read the blog posts and enrolled in some courses, but the material falls flat.It's generic and it isn't personalized to your unique challenges and needs.You lack hands-on feedback and guidance.You need someone who has:

  • Been in the trenches.

  • Traveled the path from idea to startup to scale-up.

  • Has enough experience to think strategically and tactically.

  • Knows how to create demand for a product without a strong brand and $$$$ behind it.

  • Can see the big picture, identify your best growth levers, and tell you the truth.

That's where I come in.Someone who can drive marketing initiatives, create processes, and the experience to help you get there.

work with a growth leader whose been where you are

How I Can Help

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Growth & Marketing Advisor

Growing a startup is hard. As a founder, you're bound to come across more roadblocks than a construction zone.From figuring out how to make your product stand out in a crowded market, communicating in a way that resonates, assembling a dream team, to keeping the cash flowing. It's enough to make your head spin.But here's the thing, you don't have to do this alone. I can provide the guidance, support and expertise you need to make smart decisions, overcome obstacles and reach your growth goals.

  • Deep buyer intelligence research

  • Acquisition strategy

  • Customer Research / JTBD development

  • Positioning and messaging

  • Email and lifecycle marketing

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • User experience, onboarding, and retention strategies

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Strategy Call

Take a step back from the day-to-day grind of running your business and think about the bigger picture.A 60-min strategy call is perfect for people making important business decisions and looking for a sounding board on new ideas and complex challenges that arise.Find clarity and move forward with greater certainty.

  • Pre-call questionnaire to clarify challenges

  • Brainstorm & explore ideas

  • Discuss a marketing challenge

  • Identify new opportunities to expand your reach and increase conversions

  • One week of email access to me for follow-up questions

Don’t take my word for it, take theirs

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Working with Sam was a delight. Besides being incredibly smart, organized and reliable, she asks really good questions and learns quickly. As a result, her (already) very high domaine expertise continues to grow constantly. The learning doesn’t stop with functional knowledge though: Sam is very keen on receiving and giving thoughtful feedback, ensuring she and those around her grow professionally.

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Laura Artigas

CCO at Hologram Sciences

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My favorite thing about Sam is that I could give her a vaguely defined goal and she would achieve it regardless of timeline, starting position, or team expertise. Rare. If you hire her I will try and steal her away.

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Michael Guimarin


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Samantha Leal is one of my very favorite marketers and human beings. You may have come across her on social media where she is an influential voice on #MarketingTwitter and LinkedIn. She’s also very influential when it comes to company-building! She’s been early-stage at a handful of cool startups and now is a full-time advisor, helping companies scale marketing and growth.

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Kevan Lee

VP of Marketing at Oyster

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I’ve been following Samantha’s work for several years now. I have to say that Samantha is one of the most curious, thoughtful, and creative marketers I know. What separates her apart is her ability to share and apply core marketing principles in a novel, insightful, and practical way. I recommend you follow her on socials right now, subscribe to her newsletter, and work with her to grow your business!

** **
Ramli John

Director at Appcues, Author of Product-Led Onboarding

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She is a marketing leader who acts like a founder.On top of everything, successfully.That's how I describe Samantha.
Samantha takes complete ownership of the project (she puts heart, soul, and mind into it). She is an ambitious leader and manages her team in a way that 10X your ROI on every dollar you spend.
Her strategic judgment and tactical execution make her an admiring marketing leader.
If you can work with her, don't miss out.

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Aazar Shad

Growth Consultant, Ex-Head of Growth

About me

Hey, I’m Sam 👋

My wild journey in the startup world began 9 years ago when I joined a B2C startup as their first marketing hire and 4th employee.I'll be the first to admit, it was a rough ride. Running a startup has its fair share of ups and near-death downs, from limited resources and constantly rising acquisition costs, to algorithm and market changes.Over the years, I progressed from IC to Director to VP of Marketing, so I know what it's like to operate as a solo marketer and build high-performing teams.My area of expertise is growth marketing, which is the intersection of acquisition, retention, and monetization.I've helped apps and SaaS companies go from 0 to 8 figures and scaled products to 8 million users.Now, I'm on a mission to support and scale high-impact startups to $10MM in ARR.I understand the unique challenges that come with running a startup, and I'm here to help you navigate those challenges and drive growth.So if you're a founder looking to make a big impact, let's chat!

  • Experience growing from 0 to 8 figures businesses

  • Scaled products to more than 8MM users

  • Fast growth $3M to $24M in 8 months

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